Meet the Summit Behavioral Services Team

LaRee Kelly-Warner, M.A., BCBA - LaRee Kelly_Warner, BCBA - 1-06-2879 has over 20 years experience teaching children and adults with autism and their families. She graduated from the University of Kansas in 2000 with a bachelor’s degree in Applied Behavior Analysis and Autism, in 2003 completed her Master’s degree in Applied Behavior Analysis and Instructional Design, and in 2006 became a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. While at the University of Kansas, Ms. Kelly-Warner was a teaching assistant for Introduction to Child Development and the Assistant Director of the Early Childhood Autism Learning Center. Ms. Kelly-Warner has been implementing, supervising and training staff, as well as, assessing and designing behavior analytic plans since 1997. Ms. Kelly-Warner has consulted with school districts regarding best practices when working with children with autism and problem behavior management. She has trained special education teams to conduct functional behavior assessments, develop and monitor behavior programs, and develop and monitor intensive skills acquisition programs. Currently Ms. Kelly-Warner offers community consultation, training of parents and professionals and supervision of ABA applications with children and adults with autism. Ms. Kelly-Warner specializes in the replacement of non-compliant, aggressive, and self-injurious behaviors with functionally equivalent communication skills, and has a special interest in verbal behavior training. In addition, she is currently developing programming and curriculum specific to Sexual Education: Health, Consent, and Relationships; Transition programming through the Lifespan; and SketchUp for People on the Autism Spectrum.

Summit Behavioral Services contracts with oprovides supervision to Registered Behavior Technicians and those seeking certification.

LaRee Kelly Warner
LaRee Kelly-Warner, BCBA - 1-06-2879